Business Opportunity for VETERANS: 3 Reasons Veterans Succeed in Franchising!

Are you a veteran looking to own your own business? Here are 3 reasons why a owning a franchise could be a strong option for you.

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0:00 There are 3 reasons veterans returning to civilian life should consider franchising as their next career move.

00:29 Reason 1: Veterans know how to FOLLOW ORDERS.
One of the most important things in a franchise is to follow the franchisor’s lead and follow the system. Veterans have experience following leaders, and for this reason, franchisors love veterans because they know that you’re going to follow their lead.

00:51 Reason 2: Veterans have LEADERSHIP skills.
Everyone knows that the military creates amazing leaders. But even for those veterans who were not leaders in the military, they were led. And when you’ve been led, you know what does and doesn’t make a good leader, so when it’s your time to lead as a business owner, you will make a great leader of your own organization.

1:17 Reason 3: Veterans are COMFORTABLE being UNCOMFORTABLE.
This is probably the most important reason veterans make great franchise candidates. When you own a business, you have to get comfortable with uncertainty because every single day you’re going to be making decisions without all of the facts. You’re going to be adapting and overcoming changes as they come at you. And who is better than being comfortable in uncomfortable, in unpredictable situations but our amazing veterans.

1:47 What is VetFran?
In franchising, there’s an organization called VetFran that actively works to support veterans in transition considering franchising as their next opportunity. Now, don’t leave my video because The Daly Coach can absolutely be your coach and guide in helping you find exactly the right franchise for your future. But I want you to be aware of VetFran, and I want you to understand that as a veteran, there are franchisors out there that actively seek veterans because they know that your skills will make you one of the top performers in their franchise system. The Daly Coach knows said franchisors. I know which franchisors have discounts on their franchise fees, which franchises participate in VetFran programs, and which franchisors are actively looking for veterans.

If you are a veteran looking for your next hurrah, I would love to be your Daly Coach! Please leave a comment below or reach out directly. Someone from my team will be in contact with you right away, so we can schedule an introductory call.

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