What’s the Easiest Business Model to Scale, Support & Sell?

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In my experience, if you want a business that supports your lifestyle and provides real wealth, then one model crushes the competition. 🥇

In this week’s blog post, I analyze my 5 businesses to figure out which model is the easiest to run, support and sell.

The 5 businesses are:

BOOM! by Cindy Joseph – Ecommerce (Shopify) direct response
BeeFriendly Skin Care – Ecommerce (Amazon) direct response
Zipify Apps – Software as a service
‍ Smart Marketer – Information, influencer brand, online courses
Blue Ribbon Mastermind – Coaching, subscription, events

Each generates 7 figures+ a year, and each of them uses a different business model.

But if your goal is to build a brand that supports your lifestyle, gives you freedom and generates real wealth…

Then watch this new video to see which business model is best for you.



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