We Finally Know Why Burger King Is So Cheap

Love it or hate it, Burger King isn’t going away anytime soon. From affordable and often delicious fast food to super quick service and one heck of a memorable — and sometimes kind of creepy — mascot, BK is a fast food institution.

Every day, devoted fans around the world flock to the chain’s countless locations to get their hands on their favorite meals and sides from an ever-changing, ever-growing menu. Plus, recent marketing endeavors to promote high-quality and preservative-free food means you can feel a little less guilty about your eating habits while still getting your BK fix.

With this new push for higher-quality food items in mind, you might be left wondering how the beloved burger chain has managed to keep its prices so low. Well, listen up, because we finally know why Burger King is so cheap.

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Just play the hits | 0:00
Think of the children | 1:24
That’s how they get you | 2:20
“Value” meals | 3:26
There is no escape | 4:28
Cheap ingredients | 5:00
Bottom of the food chain | 5:49

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