Lightbridge Academy Franchisee Manan Shah | Why I Bought

A discussion with Manan Shah, Lightbridge Academy: “When we learned of Lightbridge Academy, we saw how family-oriented and hands-on they were,” Manan said. “That’s tough to find in franchising because once a brand hits a certain level, it is usually not as accessible and we wanted to be face to face with key people in the organization. With Lightbridge, I know that if I call anyone at the Home Office, and they’ll pick up and find the time to talk to me. We really appreciate how the corporate team treats us like family.”

Manan Shah, Lightbridge Academy franchisee, talks with Charles N. Internicola and Nick Powills to discuss the main reasons why he bought a franchise.

1. Background in franchising.
When Manan’s father moved to America from India in 1983, he began to franchise many businesses including his first Dunkin Donuts. This allowed Manan to have a background in the field of franchising since he was a child.

2. Family-oriented business.
When Manan wanted to franchise with Lightbridge Academy, he found that the business was constructed similar to a family, where all the employees will treat the clients as family and will work with one another to help the client’s needs.

3. Dealing with his grandmother’s illness.
When Manan was a kid, his grandmother became ill with alzheimer’s and this stuck with him. Manan realized he could help people like his grandmother with Lightbridge Academy and even help people
with younger children.

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