JOIN Forums and SHARE your Expertise – Tip # 15 – Sell Small Business Services Online

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Since 1993 Tracey De Leeuw has helped large and small businesses all over North America get online and get selling.

Tracey’s helpful ’40 ways to sell and grow online for FREE or under $ 40′ are practical and affordable ways for a small business to set up shop and get selling fast.

Tracey is an internet strategist and CEO of the new

‘small business SERVICES marketplace’ – designed to help a company and it’s staff sell, quote and deliver services – and outstanding customer service.

For $ 25 – a business can set up shop and start meeting new customers, finding new suppliers, sourcing sub-contractors and retaining existing customers by offering outstanding and amazing online service.

These 40 tips can be done one by one. It is time consuming – but valuable.

If a business owner doesn’t have time to learn 40 individual systems – they can simple use as their online business centre and use our integrated suite of internet marketing and customer service tools. EASILY connects your social network profiles from Linkedin and Plaxo and Facebook to your online sales and service desk at – to help go from FOR SALE to SOLD!

You will be SHOCKED at how easy it can be to get selling services.

Tip # 15

Small business service providers can grow their business network and market their business services by properly joining forums and contributing intellectual capital to related discussions.

Forums are message boards that bring together people of the same area of interest to dialogue on subjects that matter to the community. High value knowledge contributions engage other communities members. Use your expert advice and information to win friends and influence new prospective Customers and Trading Partners.

JOIN – and participate in our small business community forums.

AND – link your forum posts on public internet forums back to bizdrive where you can then provide a quote, customize an offer, accept payment, leverage our service tracking and quality assurance tool biz.gigs for service delivery, get feedback and ratings – and remedies should a deal go sideways.

Pre-register your business today and become one of the first to share your knowledge and expertise with in our new commerce community.

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