What does it take to succeed as an InXpress franchisee

What does it take to succeed?
You need to understand that you’re in a franchise system, that’s a proven franchise system. You have to understand that following a business plan will deliver results. So it’s discipline, it’s sticking to the plan and it’s following the system.
What I’ve seen over the last 11 years, the people that have really succeeded in the business are the ones that are just really determined, really motivated because it can be discouraging knocking on 30 doors a day and getting the knock backs, but it’s the guys that are able to push through that.
You need to be proactive. You need to be willing to put the hard graft in and do the hard work. You need to be able to follow the network and follow our franchise system, that’s extremely important.
It just takes the mindset to say, I am going to do something different today. I’m not going to sit on my sofa, watching daytime TV, drinking coffee, waiting for the calls to come in. The true growth comes from activity. So I’m going to get busy, I’m going to make phone calls, I’m going to meet people. The great thing about this business, it grows if you talk to people and there’s hundreds and hundreds of people that you can talk to every day.
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