How BUSINESS MODEL changes the ClickUp Hierarchy (Space vs. Folder. vs. List vs. Task)

The ClickUp Hierarchy (deciding if your project should be a Space, Folder, List, or Task in ClickUp) is hard enough…but did you know the “right choice” will depend heavily on your BUSINESS MODEL, not just your team size?

That’s right.

Organizing #ClickUp for ecommerce requires a different setup than how you’d maintain your online #membership on ClickUp. And if you also do custom consulting? Well…it gets complex.

If you’re a business with multiple income streams sporting multiple products and services, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to craft context for EACH of these business structures within your ClickUp Workspace.

In this ClickUp #training, I’ll go through some of the most common business models and an example way we’d structure that business model inside ClickUp.

(These examples are just EXAMPLES — I am NOT suggesting there is one “right way” based on industry alone. There are MANY variables that go into making this decision which we spell out in our Decision Tree inside ClickingUp for members.)

In this video, we cover:
00:00 – Introduction
03:08 – What do you do?
07:14 – What is ClickUp Hierarchy?
11:33 – Where does your business fall in the ClickUp Hierarchy? (Incorporating your business model, process, team size, and aesthetic preference into your decision)
14:46 – LIVE Questions: “Are the emojis in your list a setting like colors, or are they in your last names and did you deactivate colors?”
15:54 – 3 Options to help you choose which hierarchy is right for your business.
16:36 – Option #1: Trial and Error
20:01 – Option #2: Layla’s Shortcut
29:07 – LIVE Question: “Can I sync between two accounts? (Personal and work accounts.)
30:40 – Option #3: DIY with a Process Org Chart
33:19 – LIVE Question: “Is it better to align your business functions with biz-ops, hr., finance, IT, to a space first?”
34:26 – Examples of each option to help you choose your ClickUp Hierarchy.
44:52 – LIVE Question: “What’s the advantage of placing all recurring tasks, for all clients, in one list rather than separating by folders for each client?”
47:15 – LIVE Question: “What’s your recommendation for project-based clients?”
49:00 – LIVE Question: “How do you feel about building ClickUp out as if the employee already exists, separating tasks by job before separate people actually have that job?”
1:01:36 – LIVE Question: “Do you recommend attaching files in ClickUp or a file storage like GDrive?”
1:02:00 – Key Takeaways

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