Smartfind Video Business Directory

Hi, I’m “Stella” from Smartfind, Australia’s first online business video directory.

Let’s face it, the days of using a printed phone directory to find a product or service are now long gone. The Internet has largely replaced phone books but most online directories are still an old and boring way to promote your business. And they’re expensive. Just to have a picture in a traditional online directory can cost hundreds of dollars, yet the listing doesn’t ‘speak’ the story to your customers. This is where Smartfind is changing the game for smart business owners.

You see, there’s nothing better than a quality video to get a message across about your business. It’s like having your best salesperson, on their best day, speaking to hundreds of clients at the same time. And it’s no wonder why video is the best medium available – it’s been proven that video sales messages generate 80% better results than text-based ads! The reason for that is simple. It’s because our brains can process visual imagery 50,000 times faster than text, so you can fit ‘a lot more’ into the same period of time that a prospect would take to read your old text listing.

Right now, your competitors are getting video integrated into their websites to share their sales messages and promote their businesses. And that’s with prospects that could instead be yours. But don’t worry, recording a promotional video for your listing is an easy and enjoyable process with Smartfind, giving you the opportunity to really tell potential prospects why your offer or service is better than the rest. And we’ll help you do it.

Smartfind is revolutionising the Australian business marketplace by leveraging video as a powerful form of advertising. Our customers who are using sales videos have a huge advantage over their competition because their listings with us are designed to be search engine friendly, getting the best results on Google, Bing and Yahoo searches. So getting a video directory listing with Smartfind is smart way of generating new leads and sales, which of course will turn into profit for your bottom line.

The world has changed and people are using video like never before. It’s proven to be the most powerful way to get customers excited about what you can do for them without them having to call you first. So now when they do call, you can be closing the sale with them and taking an order rather than starting off cold. It’s all about working smarter not harder.

Stand out from the crowd and open a floodgate of new business, with a smart video directory listing on Australia’s newest directory, Smartfind.



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