Cheap Franchises – Start With only $250 and no Overhead

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I made this video to tell you about the opportunities of cheap franchises using the online business opportunities.

The 3 Key Elements to Make Money Online with cheap franchises.

1. Product
You need a product to sell or promote for money to be exchanged. You can choose between a $5, $50, $100 or a $250 business, the difference is the amount of money you will make. I would recommend to invest in a bigger price product, that way you will make more money on the same amount of work

2. Traffic
You need people to see your business opportunity in order you could make sales. You can use different methods for getting traffic. You can buy traffic or generate it for free. I’m using Facebook and Youtube to get traffic and leads and i would love to help you do the same.

3. Sales funnel
By having a proper Sales funnel in place, you are able to generate your own email list ( the money is in the list) and you’re able to contact the same person for multiple times.

If you’re interested on how to do all of that, the click on the link above and see how you can make $250 payments using the system.



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